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Testimonials for Organizing Services

“I needed someone I could trust to come into my home to help me declutter, downsize and simplify my life. I also needed help organizing my office. From time to time I even needed help reorganizing my kitchen. Someone suggested I call Debora. I did. She has worked with me several times a month for several years and I would like to highly recommend her to you.”
— David

“Debora’s organizational skills brought order and harmony to my home. Within 2 sessions, she has changed the location and energy flow to create a more functional and harmonious design without the need to purchase any additional items. Debora’s skill extends into using furniture, lamps, pictures, rugs and other home decorations already in-house, and not requiring additional purchases to enhance or accent. I was very pleased with the re-creation of my home.”
— Cindy

" You really helped to change our lives for better. The kids have pride in their rooms now & even clean it themselves. The front room is much better. We even had a holiday dinner. Not that it's perfect but much improved & moving in the right direction." 

__ M & A

"Debora is so understanding regarding clutter in one's life. One of the best decisions I ever made was hiring Debora. We worked on my shed. Her experiences stay with me as I work on getting clutter free."

__B. H.

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