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Coming Home Holistic Organizing Services is a service to assist you with Home Organization, creating balance and harmony inside and out. Clearing clutter is a process of letting go. My intention is to be of service with awareness and heart, embracing the journey of change that comes with an organizing project big or small. Creating balance inside yourself and outside in your home environment is a process that takes trust, allowing each transition to be a positive experience. We can discover what your true priorities are and how you want to live. It takes courage to take a step forward, choosing what serves you best. My intention is to be a supportive guide throughout your process of change.


Are you moving? Getting a house ready to sell? Downsizing to a smaller home or senior community? Choosing to age in place? Or are you ready to finally get organized with a kitchen, closet or the entire home? Do you want to create a new look and feel in your home using the furniture and accessories you already have? COMING HOME HOLISTIC ORGANIZING SERVICES can be of service in creating a practical, efficient, beautiful home environment for you.


I have studied with ICD (Institute for Challenging Disorganization) and was a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO). My focus is to continue to learn new tools from social workers, psychologists, therapists and fellow organizers to be of service, working with special needs clients that are chronically disorganized, as well as the senior population in transition. Creating a positive atmosphere with the practice of non-judgmental and compassionate support is a team effort for me with my clients.




  3. SPECIAL NEEDS CLIENTS WITH ADHD and other challenges that bring CHRONIC DISORGANIZATION into life.


    • a. Being of service, assisting with a move,downsizing into a new residence.

    • b.creating a safe and functional environment while staying in their homes, aging in place.


    • a. Running Errands

    • b. Services arranged for drop off of donation or consignment items and trash removal.


The opportunity to be able to let go of unnecessary things and choose what's important to you becomes a gift. Fear of change and many other emotions can come up within a transition. It takes a commitment to yourself to move through the procrastination. Memories are honored and respected with privacy. It can also be fun and exhilarating to feel the new possibilities that come with a new opportunity.

COMING HOME HOLISTIC ORGANIZING SERVICES is a service that can bring organization and harmony in your living space. A true home is a nurturing nest where one can renew their energies.

Establishing trust within the relationship, of having goals met with compassion and support, is an important service with COMING HOME HOLISTIC ORGANIZING SERVICES.

Interiors can be balanced by clearing clutter, creating harmony, efficiency and design.  

  • Beauty can be created with energy flow by artistically re-arranging the furnishings you already own. 

  • Assistance with the finding and purchase of decorative accessories that enhance beauty, including style and color choices within your budget.

  • Imagine cabinets where you can actually find what you are looking for with ease and efficiency. Work areas are set up that have practical use from finding your favorite spices to having your everyday appliances easily reached and available.

  • Bedrooms become a safe haven of rest and tranquility. Closets and dresser drawers become accessible. Putting outfits together gets simplified with flair and ease.

  • Living rooms are inviting and designed for entertaining with a comfortable gathering of family and friends. Often it's re-arranging what you already own.

  • Office spaces become simplified and de-cluttered. Papers get organized and files become updated and useful. Attics, basements and garages become manageable. Storage spaces are now practical and workable.


       This is a group setting that creates support & positive solutions to"create home inside and out". We explore what's underneath the clutter with kindness and heart.Clients come with a project in mind and an intention to clear the clutter. A safe place is held so one can get in touch with what is underneath the clutter and step by step ,with support and awareness,get the job done whether it's a closet or an entire home.

Your home becomes a sacred space. Areas can be created for reading, writing, painting, gardening and meditation…whatever special interests are a reflection of you. Home becomes a physical place that nurtures the soul. Harmony and beauty is restored.

BASICALLY USE IT or LET IT GO! Does any object bring peace to your heart or a smile to your face? Remember, objects hold energy and history. So do your surroundings. Live and create positive environments. Make a conscious choice about how your energy is expressed, experienced and lived. More is not better, so simplify!

Assistance with style and color choice creates a mood and energy within a room. Collections can be displayed with beauty and organization. Furniture and accessories can be found at affordable consignment shops,creating function and style.

With patience and understanding, get assistance with downsizing and packing for a move across town, to a storage unit or across the country with a commercial mover.

If you are ready to sell a house, I can assist with the de-cluttering intention to make your home become spacious and inviting for the next home owner. I can then help you organize and design by setting up a new living space, room at a time or the entire house, with your favorite possessions so that it feels like your home.

As a service, single or several unwanted items can be brought to consignment shops, thrift stores or donated to appropriate institutions at an hourly rate.

As previous member of ICD (Institute for Challenging Disorganization & NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) I am comfortable & experienced to be of service with special needs clients. Anyone that has a chronic condition of disorganization, ADHD and SENIORS downsizing or staying in place, are my specialties.

I now am continuing my holistic studies as a Brainspotting therapist. BSP is a therapeutic model for healing trauma and performance challenges. " What's in the body is in the brain". Using many years of experience & study in the holistic healing arts, I can now offer CLEAR CLUTTER SUPPORT GROUPS. These are group meetings that create support & positive solutions with chronic clutter including hoarding issues.True healing insight comes from kindness & heart.

My work experience & service is now a holistic blend truly creating what's inside is out.It's the goal of balancing the energetic flow with a person's body,mind, spirit and home. Each one effects the other. It's all the same creation of harmony and balance. The ability to listen and be present, mindful of the client's needs, is an absolute must. Creating balance in the environment with understanding and non-judgmental compassion is the goal to success .Coming Home Holistic Services is "the art of letting go and living in the present with heart".

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