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Testimonials: Jin Shin Do Acupressure®

“I was fortunate to find Debora for help with my deep stress which especially affected my digestive system and gave me headaches. My body responded immediately in my first session. In 3 sessions, I got back to enjoyment of my work and my life. My digestive system was very happy. She listened to my body, heard its complaints and quickly got the healing process activated. Debora loves her work and enjoys using her intelligence, sensitivity and skills for her clients to help integrate their body and mind. The process is deep, personal and extremely interesting. I highly recommend Debora. Her skills and compassion are extraordinary.”
— Wallace

“Using the techniques of Jin Shin Do® Acupressure, taught by Debora, has made a world of difference to my painful hands. My pain is greatly relieved. I highly recommend Debora’s class. Now I am able to self-treat my arthritis pain.”
— Karen

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