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"Coming Home Holistic Organizing Services. The practice of letting go and being present."

This has been my life's work and motto.

Awareness of whatever is outside is within, is such a great example of how we express life.

    I am here to share Jin Shin Do® Bodymind Acupressure® , Coming Home Holistic Organizing Services and Brainspotting Performance and Trauma Therapy as a way to be of service, empowering my clients to increase their awareness with the connection of body, mind and spirit in All. Life is Energy. There is an exchange in everything. Nothing is separate in and of itself. We breathe out carbon dioxide, the trees take it in and create oxygen. Everything is a cycle like a ripple in a pond, creating the next sparkle of energy. Our bodies use breath to nourish the organs and sustain a healthy vehicle. Balance and movement of the Energy (Chi or Prana) supports us in many ways. Jin Shin Do® Bodymind Acupressure® is a wonderful tools that facilitates health and well being. The home is a nest that can nurture the spirit. Awareness of “whatever is outside is within” is such a great example of how we express the way we live. Surrounding ourselves with an environment that nourishes, letting go of the rest is an ongoing process in life. So Coming Home creates harmony for you. I invite you to explore my website. Together, on this journey of discovery, we teach each other every step of the way.

May all beings come to peace and happiness with wisdom and compassion.


   "Life has always been about creating harmony and peace in a room or in some one’s heart as well as my own. I could always sense when there was balance. Taking care of companion animals, an aged father, letting go of relationships and houses, perspectives change. Traveling around the country, I’ve learned that home is inside the heart. Life is filled with energy in all that brings change as we dance in and out of balance. Learning from my clients, being a witness to hold the space for healing to occur, life has many lessons. Putting it into practical terms with enough understanding to share with others is what motivates me. It has taken more than thirty years of seeking and sharing experiences to bring me to where I am today."

Debora Farrington

With Thanks,

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