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Brainspotting Performance & Trauma Therapy

Jan.13, 2017: Day training,Newtown, Ct.

                    Trainers: David Grand, PHD, Developer of                                     Brainspotting

                                Martha S.Jacobi,PHD

                                Monika Baumann

Jan. 22,2017:Phase 1

                   Farmington, Ct./University of Ct.

                   Trainers: Deborah Antinori, MA. LPC

                               Steve Sawyer, LCSW

                    New Wilderness Chief Officer Trainer                                                    

Jan.15,2017:Phase 2 Newtown Ct.

                  David Grand, PHD, Developer and Trainer

                  Steve Sawyer LCSW

Mar.9-11,2018:Phase 3 

                      David Grand,PHD,Developer and Trainer

                      Trainers:Lisa Larson & Kelly Larson

                       Pacifica, Ca. Trauma center

June 21-23,2019: Assisted BSP Training 1 

                        Trainer:Katherine Allen McNally, MA.LMFT

                        Kimball Union Academy Meriden, N.H. 

June 6-7 2020: Assisted on line BSP1& June12-14 2020 BSP 2

Sept. 13, 2020 : Certified in Brainspotting

Testimonial: Debora is a gifted healer & Brainspotting is an amazingly effective healing modality. The issue I worked on during my first session with Debora has never returned!I couldn't have hoped for more.   A.M. 

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